I am Nuri Abdur-Rauf. Lover of Spike Lee joints and Star Trek, Lenny Kravitz and musical theater, OutKast and outcasts, arts and crafts and well-crafted fonts, backyard camping and my passport. A Southern born and bred Black chick with a full Arabic name, a former aspiring journalist who now lives and breathes design. A girl made up of medleys.

Growing up as a true child of the 80s and 90s, you could find me glued to one of three things 95% of the time: a book (or magazine), a TV (or movie) screen or some speakers (or headphones). Media junkie to the fullest.

The same still holds true today. With one addition – helping clients visually manifest their ideas and tell their stories. I love collaborating with like-minded people – from solopreneurs like me to non-profits – on projects that reflect their passion(s) and that they can’t stop talking about.

The story of my journey to my passion has had some distinct chapters of its own. Although I’ve wanted to be an artist since the ‘what do you want to be when you grow up’ question was first posed to me sometime around kindergarten, I couldn’t quite find my point of entry into the vast “art” world. I eventually made peace with the fact that it might just always be my favorite hobby. Meanwhile, books were still my jam, which led to writing, a career path that seemed much clearer. I spent my undergrad days studying and practicing print journalism with a side of creative writing and, in the process, was also introduced to the revelation that design was a thing that people actually did for a living.

After graduation, I moved to NYC and soon began interning with the art/photo department of a national consumer magazine. The love affair with design quickly took hold and grew in earnest. I learned tons through several job changes (shoutout to Recession ’08), but yearned for more.

I returned to school a few years later, immersing myself in all things design and typography at Central Saint Martins and London College of Communication, both in London, UK. After graduation 2.0, I set up shop and began the always-evolving journey of life as a freelance designer.

When I’m not collaborating with clients, I love exploring ideas behind pop culture, being Black, femininity and overall identity in my personal work. And still staying glued to all things media.

Above all else, I get my inspiration from good music, good friends and good energy.

“When you’re a creative person and you’re nurturing that within yourself, you open yourself up to a lot of discovery that comes from unexpected places.”

ava duvernay

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